What is Map2App

Map2App is the easiest way to create travel guides for Iphone, Android and HTML5 enabled devices. Building your app has never been easier. No coding experience is required, you can build professional travel apps that looks great in few hours.


Our Flagship clients:


How it works

Map2app is the best way to create mobile travel guides. It does not require any technical skill and it is designed for marketers, not for engineers! You just need good content, a great destination to promote (city, festival, museum… anything!) and your imagination and in few hours you can create a professional app for iPhone, Android and HTML5 devices. Making an app requires 3 steps:


Import audio video and text into your application

Map2app accepts a wide range of content. You can write text, upload pictures, audios and videos. You can import RSS, KML, XLS and CSV files. You can also download our mobile app, collect places “on the go”, keep them with you and sync them with the web platform…see full features


Design your app

Map2app is a powerful geo-CMS that allows you to manage places, events and stories. We made it as simple as possible, anyone can create a great destination guide in hours, map2app allows you to manage and update your apps even once they have been published…see full features


Publish you app on app store and google play

Map2app lets you publish your app for iPhone, Android and HTML5 enabled devices. Once published we will help you to have great download results by featuring your app in our mobile marketplace and by providing you with a smart QRcode to promote your app locally…see full features